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I want to take a moment to give you some idea of what Daughters of the King is all about. So firstly, we're all about Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus was who He said He was, the Son of God who came and died for our sins. We hope you get to know Him as we do, because He's truly what life is all about for us! Secondly, we're all about sisterhood. Every person who walks through our doors is important to us, so if you ever feel like just another number, we're doing something wrong and I give you permission to tell me all about it. Thirdly, we're all about relationships. We hope to cultivate and grow meaningful and positive relationships between another, but also go further by getting and growing in a deeper relationship with God. 


~ Carrie L. Kikes / Founder / Creator /CEO 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We, Daughters of the King (DOTK) are a Christ-Centered community of women seeking inclusive fellowship. Our goal is to cultivate and grow positive, meaningful relationships between one another while cultivating a deeper relationship with God. 




 We have been called to open DOTK house in the East Bay. A home for single mothers with children seeking financial assistance.


With your generous Love Donations, DOTK will offer to pay all or 1/2 rent payment to working single mothers with up to two children

(0 months -10 years of age) in a shared living environment for a maximum of 3, 6 up to 12 months.

The savings will go towards their bills and for their savings given back to mothers at end of term.


DOTK HOUSE is a Christ-Centered safe place for single mother's and their children and an opportunity to build their savings, laying the foundation for independence by the end of their contract. 

Our Vision for Service

Keeping single mother's with children safe as they move from a financial crisis to stability.  Our aim is to protect them and prevent homelessness before it happens. 


DOTK is a biblically based program that incorporates biblical principles into daily living


*Provide a safe and sanctuary like environment 

*Offer a savings plan to help stabilize and escape cycles of falling behind. 

*Provide time for restoration 

*Explain our identity in Christ

*Provide accountability

* Strengthen Families

* Encourage growth

* Learn to be self-sufficient and stable

We Need Your Support Today!

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