All DOTK, regardless of their circumstances, deserve to be treated with respect, fairness, and dignity. 

Accountability is fundamental to the success of the DOTK'S that we serve and our organization.

DOTK house environment is to be peaceful and sanctuary-like. 

DOTK is one of the few programs that help both single working mothers with children with our Long-Term 12 month program. 

DOTK is a safe home and Christ-Centered care for working mothers and their children overcoming financial stress before homelessness. 

Single motherhood is a vast epidemic, sweeping our country today. Many single mothers struggle with little support from family. DOTK offers that support in the form of a family style living complete with a financial program and guidance for life. 

This will alter the opportunities for countless women and therefore impact lives for generations to come. If they benefit, their children benefit. 

We are passionate about seeing their lives transformed, restored through the power of Jesus Christ